Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

Couple of my Valentine’s Day bath fizzy cupcakes! 



What seems to be the longest hiatus ever, I finally decided to get back with it and post again.  The last year just seemed so busy that soaping took a backseat…actually it was stored in the trunk πŸ˜•.  By the time the weekend rolled around, I was busy just getting stuff done around the house and going to kids activities.  I would walk passed my soap room and sigh hoping to get a chance to work on things and never seemed to get the time.  

Now, I have changed jobs and I am working night shift with more days off so it seems I have some extra time….yippee!  Here are a few new things I have worked on in the last month.   

Ice Cream Bath Bombs

New lip balms in Monkey Kisses and Frozen Margarita. 

New soap in Seaside and Brown Sugar and Fig.


Large bath bombs in various scents


Cupcake bath bombs 

New soap will be rolling out soon in Oatmeal Milk and Honey (by request), Champagne and Pear, Crazy for Coconut and Monkey Kisses.  

New lip balms will include Strawberry Sorbet and Cinnamon Vanilla.  

Black Raspberry Vanilla

New soap I will be adding to my Etsy shop in a few weeks.  I had never really used black pigment or mica but I think it turned out pretty decent.  The fragrance is yummy! I wasn’t sure if I would like it in a CP soap but I do like it.  They are huge also…about 8 oz.  What do you think?? 


New Etsy Additions

In the short time I have opened my Etsy shop, I have added a few new items.  

The first ο»Ώis custom minis, which are perfect for showers, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions where a small gift is appreciated.  These are made to order with a 4-6 week lead time.  Choose your color and scent.  

Etsy Store Front


The second item is Honeysuckle Blossom bar soap.  Huge bars at about 8oz.  



I received some new colorants from Nurture Soap Supplies,  new fragrance oils and supplies this week so be looking for some new soap coming up this weekend.  ο»ΏπŸ˜‰

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Intruder in the Yard

It’s that time of year. Every so often I will go outside to find a few chickens missing so I play detective to find out what has been munching on my flock. I noticed in the last few weeks I was missing a few smaller bantams…2 roosters mainly. I had a beautiful splash cochin rooster that I intended to breed this spring, however Murphy’s (I think that’s the one) law prevails and he disappeared. Dang it!

Last night I went outside to lock up my chickens like normal. My faithful companion, Mia, always goes with me. It’s a ritual. She knows when I put my coat or grab my flashlight that it’s time to go lock the critters up.

Mia darted out and immediately started growling and barking, which she rarely does unless she see something out of the ordinary. I flashed my light onto her and she had something cornered but I couldn’t tell what it was and I didn’t want to go up on it not knowing what I would find. I tried to ease my way around the corner to get a peak. Mia kept looking at me and then looking back at the intruder all the while keeping it in its place.

I could barely see the shadow but I knew it was an opossum….err in these parts just “possum.” 😊I could see the shape of its face and pointed nose. It was hiding under the garden cart that we attach to the lawn mower.

I had my phone on me so I call inside the house for the “man” to come out and bring his shot gun, which he obliged. He has had the flu this week also and I felt bad for asking but I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want my dog hurt…nor me. (Plus it makes him feel better when I ask him for help. πŸ˜‰)

So out he comes with gun in hand slipping and sliding (it was icy and I forgot to tell himπŸ˜•) He locates the intruder and promptly “dispatches” it. That a nice way we mean to kill it. That how we refer to it. Those boogers are viscous, don’t be fooled.

I don’t like to kill things at all but I’ve learned over the years that some things just can’t be “relocated.” We get coyotes, raccoons, bob cats, fox, hawks, and “possum.” They come back and create havoc on my flock especially once they figure out where they are. One of the worst things is going out to put your critters up for the night only to find mutilated baby ducks or chickens in the yard. Yeah I could keep them locked up but things still find their way in…it’s just in closer quarters. At least they get to be free and enjoy the yard as much as they can. They are happy this way.

Mia got a good pat on the head for being on the lookout and taking care of the yard. She promptly went back inside, hopped on the bed and went to sleep. (That is her most favorite past time) . Oh and I gave the old man a pat on the head too cause he was in his pajamas and sick. 😊

Ahhhh…yawn….being a guardian is a tough job. I think I will take a nap….again.

I didn’t take this pic but definitely what it looked like.


All is well in the yard…for now!

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The Cutting of the Soap.

I posted some soap I had made over the weekend. Now to unveil what is inside….😳

2015/01/img_1327.jpgPink Chiffon Looks like I thought it would. Nice pink colors…smells wonderful. Nice Valentine’s Day soap. Ready in 4 weeks. $7

Day at the Beach. I really like the lines on this one. Nice fragrance for both men and women. $7
2015/01/img_1330.jpgI will say right away that this was not what I had planned for this soap…lol. Oh well…next time. Soap making is fun and it is fun to try new things even when they don’t work the way you planned. Nonetheless, it has a nice minty scent and my daughter likes it. ☺️. $6

2015/01/img_1329.jpg This one was a surprise! This is Jasmine Vanilla. I really thought I messed this one up but to my surprise it turned out well and has a nice warm scent. This is also a BBW duplicate. This will be about 8 oz after cure time.

Did you know? Avocado oil is high in antioxidants like vitamin A, D, and E and easily absorbs into the skin. I use avocado oil in all my soap recipes. 😊

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Flying the coop!

Every year it seems that I always have a few renegade chickens who just refuse to sleep in their coops. I have 2 coops and yet I have a choice few who think the coop isn’t cool I guess. For what seems like months I will go out at night and try to round them up if I can reach them to put them in a coop. Sometimes they just need some training when they are younger about the laws of the chicken yard. After awhile though, I realize that they just like the trees better so why not just let them be happy even if their lives are cut shorter it seems.

2015/01/img_1333.jpg One of my stubborn young roosters.

Today, again there was some snow on the ground but the chickens and ducks all came barreling out of the coop. It’s still cold but not crazy cold like last week. They enjoyed some cracked corn this morning. This helps them keep warm and they just love it.


This my rooster Copper. Copper is a mix I hatched from a green egg. He has proven to be such a good boy, leader, sweet to the ladies, and a good referee. He doesn’t stand for any quarreling which is cute to watch because all he does is a little peck on the head and then they disperse. I love to hear him call the ladies to food. He lets them eat before he does. That’s one of the traits of a good rooster indeed…and I have had my fair share of bad boys. πŸ˜•

The General keeping the flock in line. Keep up the good work!

2015/01/img_1338.jpgNosey Nellie just seeing what I’m doing. Rhode Island Reds have to be the most curious of all the chickens I have. πŸ˜‰.

Is it spring yet?!
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New Spring Soaps

It’s freezing outside right now. As I said in my previous post, after the Holidays, I am DONE with winter so what better way to bring the Spring than to make some Spring-themed soaps. The first isn’t “technically” spring as it is more Valentine’s themed but February is closer to Spring right? 😳

I found a nice Bath & Body Works duplicate fragrance oil called Pink Chiffon. I have some of the body cream and I love the light powdery floral fragrance. I thought it would make a great Valentine’s Day soap.

I also made some matching cupcake soap in Pink Chiffon.


The next one is more summer themed called Day at the Beach. While I do not like the beach myself (it just screams sunburn and itchy skin to my red hair and fair skin) my family is very fond of the beach. This scent reminds me of suntan lotion and is very nice. I didn’t do my typical cake piping as I think this will be appealing not only to the ladies but also the fellas so I was compelled to leave off the glitter. πŸ˜‰


Last but not least is Garden Mint. This will be interesting to see cut as I did code the mold in two with one side white with spearmint leaves and the other side green. Topped is a green swirl. The scent is reminiscent of going outside and feeling the leaves of your mint plant and having that scent on your hands. 😍 Its very light and summery.


Fun weekend of soaping! I will post pics when I cut them. 😊

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