Craft fair

I am gearing up for my second craft fair. The first one was fun and a good experience talking to people and answering the main question “Is that soap?” Why yes….yes it is. πŸ˜„


I picked up a few pointers from the first fair…not from others but by my own mistakes. Maybe not mistakes but things I just didn’t think about.

* remember shopping bags.

I totally forgot about these and ended up bagging things up in Walmart bags. Yeah….I know….classy! Good thing most people don’t pay attention and knew me so they didn’t mind.

* business cards or something of the like.
Again….missed that one. I get caught up in the creativity that I forget about the other stuff.

*prices posted.
Yeah that’s for my own benefit so I didn’t have to repeat myself over and over….and over. πŸ˜•

*able to accept credit or debit cards.
I got that one covered this time. πŸ˜‰

All in all I didn’t do so bad. My next one is December 6th so I’m gearing up with shopping bags in hand!

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2 thoughts on “Craft fair

  1. Where do I find you? I bought soap from you last weekend at the Teays school fair and would love to buy more. Have looked on facebook, etsy without luck. I’m in Saint Albans.


    1. Hi Pam! I am on Instagram and Twitter. Look for @ellekaysoap. I do have an account with etsy and will be adding some soap eventually but seems like I always sell out before I can list them. My email is also. I am working sloooowly on a site but I work full time as a lab tech and my kiddos are busy too…you know the drill. πŸ˜‰Thanks for finding me!


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