Soaping Sunday!

I played around with a new recipe combination yesterday, altering some ingredients and tweaking a bit. The best part about soap making is you can get as creative as you want or as basic as you want. I had some citrus peels that I dehydrated myself so I came up with 2 different loafs.

This one is Oatmeal Orange with finely ground orange peel and oatmeal for exfoliation. It’s topped with oatmeal, orange peel and soap curlies for fun. I lightly scented with an oatmeal fragrance.

This one has Coffee, Oatmeal, and Orange. I have had a lot of comments on this one as looking good enough to eat. I assure you it would taste terrible. πŸ˜• However, it will be a nice kitchen soap used to get rid of garlic and onion stinkies. I used ground coffee and oatmeal inside and it is also colored inside with cocoa powder. On the outside is ground coffee, oats, and citrus peel. It is scented in an oatmeal fragrance as well. This will turn darker as it cures.

Fun day on Sunday! I love to experiment.

Love is in the air…err in the soap room anyway. πŸ˜‰ What interesting and Valentine soap can I come up with??! Stayed tuned!


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