Brrr….Baby It’s Cold Outside!

I’ll just say I am NOT a huge fan of winter. The lack of light and general cold make me blah and grumpy. πŸ˜– After Christmas and New Year’s pass, I spend a lot of time looking at gardening books, seed catalogs, chicken/duck magazines and all things spring related to get me through the winter blues. This winter I am making more soap so that is a bonus and it does make me feel better.

Speaking of my chickens and ducks, we woke up this morning to a little snow on the ground. My normal routine is letting my birds out and feeding them before I go to work. The ducks come running out of their pen like they couldn’t wait to get in the snow. My ducks are tough guys/gals and seems like the nastier the weather the better they like it.

Here they are sitting in the snow this morning eating some cracked corn. They all get more corn during the winter to keep warm.


Most of my chickens are….well….”chickens” πŸ˜• in the snow and treat the snow like hot lava dodging any white that they can. They peek out of the coop but just stare at the blanket of white snow. They even fly around the yard and that is saying something since most of my chickens are lazy.

One of my brave girls did come out this morning to brave the cold snow so she gets a kudos.

She’s just a pretty girl. I love her fluffy butt!

Stay warm and counting down the days till spring. 😊

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