New Spring Soaps

It’s freezing outside right now. As I said in my previous post, after the Holidays, I am DONE with winter so what better way to bring the Spring than to make some Spring-themed soaps. The first isn’t “technically” spring as it is more Valentine’s themed but February is closer to Spring right? 😳

I found a nice Bath & Body Works duplicate fragrance oil called Pink Chiffon. I have some of the body cream and I love the light powdery floral fragrance. I thought it would make a great Valentine’s Day soap.

I also made some matching cupcake soap in Pink Chiffon.


The next one is more summer themed called Day at the Beach. While I do not like the beach myself (it just screams sunburn and itchy skin to my red hair and fair skin) my family is very fond of the beach. This scent reminds me of suntan lotion and is very nice. I didn’t do my typical cake piping as I think this will be appealing not only to the ladies but also the fellas so I was compelled to leave off the glitter. 😉


Last but not least is Garden Mint. This will be interesting to see cut as I did code the mold in two with one side white with spearmint leaves and the other side green. Topped is a green swirl. The scent is reminiscent of going outside and feeling the leaves of your mint plant and having that scent on your hands. 😍 Its very light and summery.


Fun weekend of soaping! I will post pics when I cut them. 😊

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