Flying the coop!

Every year it seems that I always have a few renegade chickens who just refuse to sleep in their coops. I have 2 coops and yet I have a choice few who think the coop isn’t cool I guess. For what seems like months I will go out at night and try to round them up if I can reach them to put them in a coop. Sometimes they just need some training when they are younger about the laws of the chicken yard. After awhile though, I realize that they just like the trees better so why not just let them be happy even if their lives are cut shorter it seems.

2015/01/img_1333.jpg One of my stubborn young roosters.

Today, again there was some snow on the ground but the chickens and ducks all came barreling out of the coop. It’s still cold but not crazy cold like last week. They enjoyed some cracked corn this morning. This helps them keep warm and they just love it.


This my rooster Copper. Copper is a mix I hatched from a green egg. He has proven to be such a good boy, leader, sweet to the ladies, and a good referee. He doesn’t stand for any quarreling which is cute to watch because all he does is a little peck on the head and then they disperse. I love to hear him call the ladies to food. He lets them eat before he does. That’s one of the traits of a good rooster indeed…and I have had my fair share of bad boys. 😕

The General keeping the flock in line. Keep up the good work!

2015/01/img_1338.jpgNosey Nellie just seeing what I’m doing. Rhode Island Reds have to be the most curious of all the chickens I have. 😉.

Is it spring yet?!
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