The Cutting of the Soap.

I posted some soap I had made over the weekend. Now to unveil what is inside….😳

2015/01/img_1327.jpgPink Chiffon Looks like I thought it would. Nice pink colors…smells wonderful. Nice Valentine’s Day soap. Ready in 4 weeks. $7

Day at the Beach. I really like the lines on this one. Nice fragrance for both men and women. $7
2015/01/img_1330.jpgI will say right away that this was not what I had planned for this soap…lol. Oh well…next time. Soap making is fun and it is fun to try new things even when they don’t work the way you planned. Nonetheless, it has a nice minty scent and my daughter likes it. ☺️. $6

2015/01/img_1329.jpg This one was a surprise! This is Jasmine Vanilla. I really thought I messed this one up but to my surprise it turned out well and has a nice warm scent. This is also a BBW duplicate. This will be about 8 oz after cure time.

Did you know? Avocado oil is high in antioxidants like vitamin A, D, and E and easily absorbs into the skin. I use avocado oil in all my soap recipes. 😊

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