What seems to be the longest hiatus ever, I finally decided to get back with it and post again.  The last year just seemed so busy that soaping took a backseat…actually it was stored in the trunk 😕.  By the time the weekend rolled around, I was busy just getting stuff done around the house and going to kids activities.  I would walk passed my soap room and sigh hoping to get a chance to work on things and never seemed to get the time.  

Now, I have changed jobs and I am working night shift with more days off so it seems I have some extra time….yippee!  Here are a few new things I have worked on in the last month.   

Ice Cream Bath Bombs

New lip balms in Monkey Kisses and Frozen Margarita. 

New soap in Seaside and Brown Sugar and Fig.


Large bath bombs in various scents


Cupcake bath bombs 

New soap will be rolling out soon in Oatmeal Milk and Honey (by request), Champagne and Pear, Crazy for Coconut and Monkey Kisses.  

New lip balms will include Strawberry Sorbet and Cinnamon Vanilla.  


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