Brrr….Baby It’s Cold Outside!

I’ll just say I am NOT a huge fan of winter. The lack of light and general cold make me blah and grumpy. 😖 After Christmas and New Year’s pass, I spend a lot of time looking at gardening books, seed catalogs, chicken/duck magazines and all things spring related to get me through the winter blues. This winter I am making more soap so that is a bonus and it does make me feel better.

Speaking of my chickens and ducks, we woke up this morning to a little snow on the ground. My normal routine is letting my birds out and feeding them before I go to work. The ducks come running out of their pen like they couldn’t wait to get in the snow. My ducks are tough guys/gals and seems like the nastier the weather the better they like it.

Here they are sitting in the snow this morning eating some cracked corn. They all get more corn during the winter to keep warm.


Most of my chickens are….well….”chickens” 😕 in the snow and treat the snow like hot lava dodging any white that they can. They peek out of the coop but just stare at the blanket of white snow. They even fly around the yard and that is saying something since most of my chickens are lazy.

One of my brave girls did come out this morning to brave the cold snow so she gets a kudos.

She’s just a pretty girl. I love her fluffy butt!

Stay warm and counting down the days till spring. 😊

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Soaping Sunday!

I played around with a new recipe combination yesterday, altering some ingredients and tweaking a bit. The best part about soap making is you can get as creative as you want or as basic as you want. I had some citrus peels that I dehydrated myself so I came up with 2 different loafs.

This one is Oatmeal Orange with finely ground orange peel and oatmeal for exfoliation. It’s topped with oatmeal, orange peel and soap curlies for fun. I lightly scented with an oatmeal fragrance.

This one has Coffee, Oatmeal, and Orange. I have had a lot of comments on this one as looking good enough to eat. I assure you it would taste terrible. 😕 However, it will be a nice kitchen soap used to get rid of garlic and onion stinkies. I used ground coffee and oatmeal inside and it is also colored inside with cocoa powder. On the outside is ground coffee, oats, and citrus peel. It is scented in an oatmeal fragrance as well. This will turn darker as it cures.

Fun day on Sunday! I love to experiment.

Love is in the air…err in the soap room anyway. 😉 What interesting and Valentine soap can I come up with??! Stayed tuned!

Cake Pops

While not soap I thought these cake pops were cute and also give me some inspiration for future soaping. I had not made cake pops before but given the Christmas season I do tend to dabble in confections of sorts to give as gifts…and indulge myself silly. 😊



Craft fair

I am gearing up for my second craft fair. The first one was fun and a good experience talking to people and answering the main question “Is that soap?” Why yes….yes it is. 😄


I picked up a few pointers from the first fair…not from others but by my own mistakes. Maybe not mistakes but things I just didn’t think about.

* remember shopping bags.

I totally forgot about these and ended up bagging things up in Walmart bags. Yeah….I know….classy! Good thing most people don’t pay attention and knew me so they didn’t mind.

* business cards or something of the like.
Again….missed that one. I get caught up in the creativity that I forget about the other stuff.

*prices posted.
Yeah that’s for my own benefit so I didn’t have to repeat myself over and over….and over. 😕

*able to accept credit or debit cards.
I got that one covered this time. 😉

All in all I didn’t do so bad. My next one is December 6th so I’m gearing up with shopping bags in hand!

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Animal Lover

I am a huge animal lover. I have a dog, cat, chicken and ducks and I have had several other pets over the years.

I have a dog named Mia who happens to be just the best little dog ever. She is a mutt from the animal shelter, mostly Aussie and I believe some border collie mixed in. I couldn’t ask for a better dog around my chickens and ducks. She’s even good around little chicks, bunnies, and guinea pigs.

IMG_0538.JPG Doing what she does best.


Watching over her flock. IMG_0147.JPG

I don’t think I could have asked for a better 4 -legged companion.

Guess I should say something about myself.

My name is Shawnette and I live in Huntington WV. I’m a MLT (Medical Lab Tech) by day, busy with kids and family in the evening and I try to make soap on the weekends. Oh, and I also raise chickens and ducks. Yes, I do stay busy.

I started making soap about 5 years ago (maybe longer). My kids were younger and it was hard to take the time so I would make random batches….and let me just say they were ugly. I think I still have a few of those bars 😉

I guess I have gotten a little better and was told I should sell my soap. I am my own worst critic so I have always hesitated to sell anything I make and believe me over the years I have tried my hand at just about everything legal except pottery. 😕 I just like to do things with my hands and I like to craft.

IMG_0812-0.JPG Pink Sugar Cupcakes $6

Finding a web presence has been very difficult for me so I just figured I should start simple and move up. I’ll figure it out eventually.

I have managed to get an Instagram and Twitter so you can find me at #ellekaysoap I don’t have FB and I’m really trying to avoid it simply because I don’t like it. With IG and Twitter…I can keep things simple and to the point. However Im still up in the air about it so who knows.

Pink Peppermint Soap in the mold.